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Thanks to valued clients contributions and we managed to get a sum of RM150.00.

A video clip taken from Youtube regards of Japan shattered community struggles to survive.


For readers, you can make a donation or contribution straight

to the Japanese Red Cross and your resources will be used efficiently.

Filmsnap would like to lend a helping hand to Japan disaster as well with everyone contribution. Every purchase of camera ONLY from Filmsnap will contribute 10% of the total bill payable to contribute to Malaysian Red Crescent Society as below:-

As for Singapore customers, we will convert the money to RM for the contribution. SGD1 = RM2.35.This is only applicable for camera purchase and NOT for Films purchase.

We will donate to above mentioned and will list down everyone's name and amount of contribution on the last day we fixed and upload the receipt or acknowledgement after we made the donation.

We had set the time period to accumulate the fund contribution amount so everyone can enjoy camera purchase and at the same time give a lending hand to people in Japan who are suffering from the disaster.

All price of the Cameras remain unchanged and additional contribution would be gladly welcome.We will list down everyone who purchased during this period with the amount contributed for transparent purposes.

Below is the time period we had fixed:-

Date: 20th March - 20th April 2011

Thank you...

"Every little bit does make the difference"

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